Learn About the Roster and BCIS

OEC is working on improvements that will make the background check process simpler to manage for providers and employers.

OEC Roster

The Roster is a new tool that establishes a complete list of staff and volunteers who need to get OEC background checks because they are associated with child care facilities in Connecticut.

Here’s how it works. Employers keep information about their staff and volunteers up to date in the Roster. OEC then uses that data to notify child care programs with complete Rosters:

  • About the background check status of each staff member and volunteer
  • When each of them needs a new background check

In 2019, we emailed Roster invitations to all licensed child care centers, licensed group child care homes, and license-exempt center-based child care providers that receive the Care 4 Kids subsidy.

OEC Background Checks Information System (BCIS)

We’re using information from the Roster to develop a more robust data system that records all OEC background check activities. BCIS will allow employers and providers to:

  • Get background check status on staff — eligibility determinations, past and upcoming background check dates, and more
  • Easily invite staff members to complete their background check forms online (and schedule an appointment to submit fingerprints electronically)
  • Receive notifications and provide documents regarding staff background checks
  • Update staff information as needed
  • Provide staff information to Licensing Specialists more easily during inspections
  • Make online payments with a credit card or EFT (electronic funds transfer)

We expect to launch BCIS in 2020.

Last updated January 13, 2020