CTCARES for Child Care Businesses (Care Package)

This OEC program offers supports to your child care program to operate during COVID-19. Since every program has different needs, we are offering a “Care Package” — a variety of subsidies, trainings, and other opportunities. You can pick and choose what your program needs.

What subsidies does the program offer?

CTCARES for Child Care Businesses includes a number of subsidies to help reduce business expenses:

  • Expense Kickstart: This is a lump sum for expenses like payroll, utilities, and rent or mortgage to help programs be open. The amount of money your program may be eligible for depends on the size of the program and National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) or National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Accreditation status. Learn more about applying for the Expense Kickstart.
  • Supply Subsidy: This funding is designed to help cover the added costs of maintaining a healthy environment for children, families, and staff. It is intended to help cover the costs of increased cleaning supplies, personal protective equipment (PPE), and nurse/medical consultation during COVID-19. Learn more about applying for the Supply Subsidy.
  • Training subsidy: This subsidy helps cover the cost of First Aid, CPR, Medication Administration, and Emergency Anaphylactic Medication Administration (“EpiPen®”) certification expiring during COVID-19. Thrive will coordinate providers’ needs and training locations. Learn more about applying for training subsidy.
  • Background check subsidy: We’ll cover the cost of background checks — both for new hires and licensed providers who need to renew. Learn more about OEC’s supports for these costs.

To access these subsidies, you need to meet eligibility requirements and apply. Learn more about applying for CTCARES for Child Care Businesses subsidies.

What other supports does CTCARES for Child Care Businesses offer?

We also offer a number of other supports, including training and incentives. These are all available free. They include:

  • Professional Development: Sign up for OEC webinars, online trainings, and credit work to help guide program best practices during COVID-19. Check our News page for announcements of upcoming webinars. You can also use your OEC Registry account to access new additions to the continued free online training and apply for credit-based coursework scholarship.
  • Business support and incentives: These include:
    • Group and individual business coaching and training, funding application support, and incentives coordinated and led by our trusted partner, Women’s Business Development Council (WBDC). They can help you with business questions — and be sure to check out WBDC’s dedicated child care page. We will post more information here as additional support is announced.
    • OEC is working to support the fiscal health of centers and homes. Through a consulting agreement with Opportunities Exchange, we are using their resources to inform our thinking and advance our work in the areas of Shared Services and Staffed Family Child Care Networks. This article, The Iron Triangle: A Simple Formula for Financial Policy in ECE Programs presents a framework for budgeting for revenue that is founded on three important considerations: full enrollment, full fee collection, and revenues that cover the per-child cost.
  • Program quality supports: Get group and individualized quality improvement support via Accreditation Quality Initiative Supports (AQIS) for centers, group homes, and school-based programs, and Staffed Family Child Care Networks for family child care providers.
  • CTCARES programs: Register your program! If you register for CTCARES, your program will be ready to apply for fiscal supports now and in the future. We will continue to work to offer more phases of support for your program.

How did OEC choose the supports offered in this program?

In May 2020, the OEC surveyed licensed family child care homes, centers, and group homes, and license exempt state funded programs to understand the impact of COVID-19 on child care providers in Connecticut in order to create a plan for recovery efforts. Programs were generous with sharing — we thank you! With a 39% response rate, the survey informs the OEC’s business supports, including the Care Package. Read the full Business Survey report.

Who is eligible for this program and how do I apply?

Eligibility and the application process varies for different supports. To learn more about applying for subsidies, see our application page.

How can I learn more about the program?

Have questions?

We’re happy to help! Call 211 Child Care at 800-505-1000 or send us an email at kickstart@ctunitedway.org.

Last updated July 29, 2021