Finding Child Care During COVID-19

Last updated May 20, 2020

During the COVID-19 emergency in Connecticut, child care programs are allowed to be open. They’re considered “essential businesses.” But many programs have had to close, leaving families with fewer options.

If possible, the best choice right now is to keep your children home with you. We know it may not be easy. But it’s the best way to keep your family safe and protect others in your community.

If you do need child care and your normal program is closed, you have other options.

Ask families and relatives for help

If you need child care because you have to work, start by asking people you know and trust to take care of your children. Come up with a plan and make sure you both feel comfortable with it. Agree on the steps you’ll all take to protect each other from getting sick.

Remember that older adults and people with certain health problems have a higher risk of getting very sick from COVID-19. Learn about people who are at higher risk from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Call 2-1-1 Child Care

What if your child care program is closed and you can’t find family or friends to take care of your children?  2-1-1 Child Care may be able to help you find other open child care programs in your area. Dial 2-1-1 or 800-505-1000. You can also use the Child Care Finder on their website. 

Look into the CTCARES for Frontline Workers Program

If you’re a frontline worker, you can apply for help paying for child care. Don’t know if you’re a frontline worker? Lots of people are and don’t realize it. Learn more about the program and apply

Get access to child care if you’re a health care worker or first responder

Can’t find family or friends to take care of your children so you can work? Child Care 2-1-1 has set up a special number to help health care workers and first responders find emergency child care during COVID-19. Call 860-756-0864 to learn more. 

Need help choosing a child care provider?

Learn about the types of child care in Connecticut and how to make a decision. See our child care and camps page.