OEC Memos About COVID-19

Waivers and modifications

April 29, 2020 (revised September 16, 2020)OEC Legal Waivers and Modifications
Details on legal requirements that have been waived during the state of emergency

Memos from OEC’s Commissioner

OEC’s Commissioner, Beth Bye, is issuing regular memos that provide essential guidance for child care providers. They cover updates to program policies, funding, resources, and more.

October 7, 2020Memo #31: Waivers for School Readiness, Child Day Care, and Smart Start funded programsNotification of waivers of OEC policies related to the funding of School Readiness, Child Day Care, and Smart Start programs for the SFY 21 funding period

Note: This replaces Memo 8, issued March 20, 2020.
September 14, 2020Memo #30: Child Care Provisions for School-Age Children During COVID-19
Memo #30 (English)
Memo #30 (Spanish)
Information about children whose in-person attendance at child care is affected by COVID-19
September 14, 2020
(revised 10/7/20)
Memo #29: Masks and Group Size
Memo #29 (English)
Memo #29 (Spanish)

Related documents: OEC Sample Mask Wearing Policy #1 (English)

OEC Sample Mask Wearing Policy #2 (English)
Covers new requirements related to children wearing masks while in care and changes to group size
August 6, 2020Memo #28: Child Care Waivers Status Update
Memo #28 (English)
Memo #28 (Spanish)
Waivers (for licensing and health and safety) that end on September 9, 2020 and others that may remain in effect
July 27, 2020Memo #27: Updates Concerning Background Checks
Memo #27 (English)
Memo #27 (Spanish)
Changes to the background check process during COVID-19, including updates about fingerprint fees and requirements
July 7, 2020
(revised August 4, 2020)
Memo #26:
Child Care Guidance Regarding State of CT Travel Advisories
Guidance on establishing policies to comply with out-of-state travel advisories
July 6, 2020Memo #25 Inspections of Licensed Child Care Programs and License-Exempt Programs
Memo #25 (English)
Memo #25 (Spanish)
Updates on changes to OEC’s inspection of child care programs
July 6, 2020Memo #24: Inspections of Licenses Youth CampsUpdate on youth camp inspections, licensing staff precautions during inspections, and compliance with enhanced requirements
May 22, 2020
(revised September 21, 2020)
Memo #23 Access to Testing for OEC-Funded Providers
Memo #23 (English)
Memo #23 (Spanish)
Information about drive-up COVID-19 testing for early care and education providers
May 8, 2020Memo #22 Family Child Care School Age Capacity Waiver
Memo #22 (English)
Memo #22 (Spanish)
Details about the temporary waiver allowing an increase in the capacity for family child care home programs during the emergency
April 27, 2020Memo #21: Annual Inspection WaiverDetails on the waiver of licensing requirements during the emergency
April 27, 2020Memo #20: Modification of Definition of Child Care ServicesAdditional details on the definition of child care for licensing purposes
April 24, 2020Memo #19: Expanded Definition of Children Eligible for Birth to Three ServicesJoint memo from OEC and the Dept. of Education about temporary changes to eligibility for Birth to Three services
April 23, 2020
(revised July 29, 2020)
Memo #18: Youth Camp Guidance

Related document: Youth Camp Informed Consent Form
Requirements and other guidance for youth camps
April 6, 2020Memo #17: School Readiness Request for Proposal ModificationModifications for the School Readiness RFP process
April 1, 2020Memo #16: Extension of Administrative Deadlines and Modification of Hearing Procedures
Memo #16 (English)
Memo #16 (Spanish)
Extension of administrative deadlines for Care 4 Kids and Child Care Licensing

Shift in format for hearings (by telephone or web) and correspondence (by email)
March 31, 2020
(Revised June 25, 2020)
Memo #15: Reduced Group Size and Enhanced Health Procedures for Child Care Programs
Memo #15 (English)
Memo #15 (Spanish)
Limits on group sizes for children

Checking children and staff for signs of infection

Guidance on enhanced disinfection, cleaning, and other precautions
March 29, 2020
Memo #14: Parent Fee Waiver and Extended GAP
Guidance for Birth to Three Early Intervention Service (EIS) Providers 

Waiving family cost participation fees

Extension of General Administration Payments (GAP)
March 26, 2020Memo #13: Continuation of State FundingOEC’s commitment to paying providers in publicly-funded programs (Care 4 Kids, Child Day Care, School Readiness, and Smart Start) through June 30, 2020

Update on funding for Even Start and Head Start supplement programs

March 25, 2020
(revised June 5, 2020)

Memo #12: Child Care Business Support
Memo #12 (English)
Memo #12 (Spanish)
Impact of COVID-19 on small businesses, including child care programs

List of resources for small businesses
March 23, 2020
(Revised June 5, 2020)
Memo #11: Birth to Three Providers Fiscal and Home Visit Guidance
Guidance for Birth to Three staff working from home using Remote Early Intervention (EI)
March 23, 2020Memo #10: Home Visiting: Virtual and Telehealth
Guidance for home visiting staff about shifting to virtual home visits and using video platforms
March 20, 2020Memo #9: Additional Child Care Waivers
Memo #9 (English)
Memo #9 (Spanish)

Updates on changes to background checks and licensing processes during the state of emergency
March 20, 2020Memo #8Note: Memo #8 has been superseded by Memo #31: Waivers for School Readiness, Child Day Care, and Smart Start funded programs
March 16, 2020Memo #7: Child Care Waivers
Memo #7 (English)
Memo #7 (Spanish)

Related form:
Health and Immunization Attestation (English)
Health and Immunization Attestation (Spanish)
Waivers to licensing requirements during the state of emergency
March 16, 2020
(revised July 29, 2020)
Memo #6: Message Regarding Child Care
Memo #6 (English)
Memo #6 (Spanish)
Guidance for parents who need child care

Tips on preventing the spread of respiratory viruses.
March 16, 2020Memo #5: Fiscal and Home Visit Guidance for Birth to Three and Home Visiting ProvidersGuidance for Birth to 3 programs

Guidance for home visiting programs — including screening questions to ask families about possible COVID-19 exposure and guidance on virtual home visits
March 13, 2020Memo #4: FCC Cap and Closures
Memo #4 (English)
Memo #4 (Spanish)
Guidance on closing schools and programs

Information about implications of the state’s civil preparedness emergency
March 13, 2020Memo #3: Funding and Program ClosureUpdate on funding for state-funded programs

Guidance on closing schools and child care programs
March 11, 2020Memo #2: Supporting the Needs of Young Children and Families
Memo #2 (English)
Memo #2 (Spanish)
Guidance on reliable information sources, communication, medical care, health, back-up care, and planning
March 9, 2020
(Revised July 27, 2020)
Memo for Licensed Providers about COVID-19
Memo for Providers (English)
Education about COVID-19

Following public health practices

Reporting cases of COVID-19
February 28, 2020
(Revised June 3, 2020)
Novel Coronavirus Memo (English)

Novel Coronavirus Memo (Spanish)
Information about COVID-19

Tips for preventing the spread of viruses

Guidance on reporting cases of COVID-19

Last updated October 22, 2020