OEC Memos About COVID-19

Memos from OEC’s Commissioner

OEC’s Commissioner, Beth Bye, has issued regular memos with guidance for child care providers throughout COVID-19. The memos below are still in effect. If you need to refer to any of our expired memos, you can review our memo archive.

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DateTitleTopicUpdates and related information
February 28, 2022Memo #49 Revised Mask Guidance (English)

Notes changes to requirements for masks and face coverings
December 15, 2021Memo #48 – Waivers of Specific Policies for School Readiness and Child Day Care ProgramsExtends waivers of certain OEC General Policies for School Readiness and Child Day Care programs for the SFY 22 funding period.
December 2, 2021 (revised December 20, 2021)Memo
– FY22 Waivers of Operating Hours, and Alternative Care Plan
Waivers for operating hours and days of closure for School Readiness and Child Day Care programs. Waivers for requirements related to alternative care plan for School Readiness, Child Day Care, and Smart Start programs.Revision of 12/20/21 adds Smart Start to the section on waivers of operating hours.
July 22, 2021Memo #44: Three Month Waiver of Tuberculin Test Requirement (English)

Three Month Waiver of Tuberculin Test Requirement
July 26, 2021
(revised January 28, 2022)
Memo #43: FY 22 Funding for School Readiness and Child Day CareDetails about new supports for families & programs and changes to funding structures for Child Day Care, School Readiness, and Smart Start during the COVID-19 recovery phase
Sept. 1, 2021 revisions: Edit opening paragraph to remove references to summer 2021; removes reference to remote and hybrid learning; provide funding eligibility criteria for OEC funded SR, CDC and SS programs; add section on Operational Expense Supplement; CDC enrollment eligibility changes SFY22.
Jan. 28, 2022 revisions: Included Smart Start in heading; added to section on Operational Expense Supplement to extend through June 2022; transferred sections from Memo 42 relating to School Readiness, Child Day Care and Smart Start funding calculations; added new item on payment of full allocations and monthly reports.
December 22, 2020
(revised March 15, 2021)
Memo #36: Child Care and Youth Camp Resource for Local Directors of HealthJoint memo from OEC and the State Department of Public Health to help local directors of health keep children, child care providers, and families safe and allow child care programs and camps to remain open
November 23, 2020Memo #32: Children Who Attend Child Care Programs and Receive Support Services (English)

Joint memo from OEC and the State Department of Education about coordinating services for children who attend child care programs and receive support services

Last updated September 6, 2022