CT ELDS Strategies for Learning at Home

The CT Early Learning and Development Standards (CT ELDS) were developed to help families, communities, and schools work together to support children’s early learning and growth.

The documents on this page include strategies to support learning at home and in the community. The strategies focus on activities that are likely to be a part of daily routines.

There is a document for each of the age bands from the CT ELDS, as well as some extra age bands for infants. Within each document there are strategies for the domains in the CT ELDS. Strategies for Learning at Home

Families lay the foundation for their children’s success through their relationships with their children. They provide experiences that are critical for their children’s growth and development. Sharing ideas to promote learning and development can be an important part of building a strong partnership with families. Share a whole document with families or share one suggested activity at a time.

Downloadable documents

Last updated November 4, 2020