Little Wonders

The Little Wonders campaign shows the importance of the first 5 years in a child’s life — and how parents, grandparents, caregivers, providers, and communities play a role in helping children thrive during this brief window of time.

Website for families

Refer families to our Learn About Childhood Development page, which incorporates key assets from the Little Wonders campaign.


Video 1: Learn just how amazing babies’ brains are as they develop — and how the way we interact with and care for children can help that development.

Video 2: Learn about how important the first 5 years of a child’s life are for brain development and how parents and caregivers can help shore up that foundation.

Video 3: Learn the ways parents, grandparents, caregivers, and communities help build young minds and shape children’s futures.

Video 4: Playing with kids helps their brains grow as they experience joy and wonder, learn to share, and connect with you, among so many other benefits.

Video 5: Be your baby’s tour guide to the world, and respond and converse with them from the very start. These early years set the stage for a lifetime of communication and wonder.

Video 6: When it comes to kids, routines help them feel safe and secure. And with safety and security comes brain growth.

Print materials

Family flyer

Share tips and tricks with families to help them build their babies’ brains, such as:

  • Talking to teach language
  • Creating routines for security
  • Handling big feelings
  • Learning through play

Download the family flyer (English)


Community poster

This poster explains the importance of the first 5 years of life and links to our Learn About Child Development page.

Download the community poster (English)


Caregiver poster series

These posters offer bite-sized tips for building children’s minds — simple strategies that caregivers are likely already doing. Hang these in your program’s hallways for daily inspiration.

Last updated November 8, 2022