Our New Connecticut Office of Early Childhood Website

Last updated January 7, 2020

We’re working to make the Office of Early Childhood website easier for you to use. This website is an early version, and right now it only includes a small portion of OEC’s information and resources. It is a work in progress, so you’ll be seeing a lot of changes over the next few weeks. 

We’re developing the new website in the open to incorporate feedback from visitors like you. Please share your feedback with us. Thank you for your patience while we improve the website experience.

What we’re doing now:

  • Meeting with a variety of people who frequently visit the website to understand how we can make it easier to use.
  • Working with OEC staff and subject matter experts to reorganize and rewrite content, so visitors can find the information they need right away.  
  • Incorporating additional content and resources into this new website.
  • Improving the website based on user behavior and feedback from visitors like you.