How to Use BCIS as a Child Care Facility Program Administrator

To help program administrators — and other authorized staff at child care facilities — use BCIS, we created this guidance. It gives step-by-step instructions for some key tasks.

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This video gives you a step-by-step overview of how to use BCIS as a program administrator or manager.

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  1. Logging in and viewing the roster
  2. Inviting staff to register in BCIS
  3. Managing staff on your roster and requesting a background check 
  4. Adding staff to your roster
  5. Inviting a manager to help with roster management 
  6. Using the person detail and background check tabs as an administrator

Managing your program roster

  • Navigate to the roster tab from the left menu
    • If your account is affiliated with multiple programs, you’ll see the roster for one of your
      programs — you can select a roster for a different program using the dropdown menu
  • To download your roster, select PDF (to download it as a PDF) or Excel (to download it as an Excel spreadsheet)

Getting staff members to enroll in BCIS and requesting a background check

  • From the roster, select Invite to BCIS, enter an individual email address for the staff member, and submit
  • Wait for confirmation that the staff member has created their account and verified their email address

Once the person is enrolled in BCIS, you can request that they submit a background check.

  • From your roster, check for staff members with a status of Needs BC
  • For each of these staff members, select Request Background Check — they will receive an email telling them to submit a background check through BCIS

Adding staff to your roster

  • From the roster, select Add Person
  • Search to check if the person you would like to add has already been added to BCIS
  • Enter their 1) full name 2) date of birth 3) Last 4 digits of SSN/ITIN or Zip Code
  • If you know they have already created an account in BCIS, you can as them for their “BCIS ID #” and you can search for them that way. They can find that number when they are logged into their own BCIS account
  • If you find the person and they have a BCIS account, add them directly to your roster
  • If you find the person and they do not have a BCIS account, enter their email address to invite them to BCIS
  • If you cannot find the person, invite the person to BCIS by
    • Selecting your program
    • Selecting the staff member’s employment type
    • Entering their individual email address

Once the staff member receives the invitation email, creates their BCIS account, and enters their demographic information, you can return to the search to add them to your roster

Inviting a manager to assist with roster management

To help manage your BCIS roster, you may want to appoint staff members — such as an assistant director or human resources manager — to have access to your data in BCIS. Only invite a staff member who is authorized to have this level of access to your roster data.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Select Program from the left menu
  • Choose the relevant program from the dropdown menu
  • Enter the email address of the person you want to invite
  • Select Invite manager and an invitation will be sent to the email address you entered

Note that the list below will show any program managers you’ve invited to your program roster. Later, you can use this screen to remove program managers if needed — for example, if they no longer work at this child care facility.

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Last updated December 8, 2021