Get a Background Check

1. Enter information into BCIS

The Background Checks Information System (BCIS) is our online service. It will guide you through the process of entering information, filling out required forms, and choosing how to get fingerprints.


Use your personal email address to register. Why? If you use a work address and then change jobs, you will lose access to your BCIS account.

Don’t have a BCIS account yet? You should get an email with an invitation to create a BCIS account from OEC or your prospective employer. If you haven’t received one, contact us

OEC is covering the background check fee. OEC will pay background check processing fees for applications submitted through June 30, 2025.

Need help using BCIS?

The process of using BCIS to get a background check depends on your role or the care you provide. Read our instructions or watch our walk-through videos.

BCIS instructions for child care centers and group homes
Watch the child care centers and group homes video

BCIS instructions for family child care homes
Watch the family child care homes video

BCIS instructions for youth camps

You can also contact the BCIS support desk.

2. Get your fingerprints taken

BCIS will give you an applicant tracking number (ATN) and instructions for getting your fingerprints taken digitally and encourage you to sign up through 2-1-1 Child Care. When done through this process, getting your fingerprints taken is free.

Make sure to schedule your fingerprinting right away. Your ATN will expire after about 30 days. If you don’t get your fingerprints taken within 30 days, you will need to request another ATN.

Having trouble getting a fingerprinting appointment?

If you can’t get an appointment at your preferred location, check others throughout the state.

If you still can’t find an appointment, you have other options for fingerprinting:

Make fingerprinting easy — schedule it at your facility

Child Care 2-1-1’s mobile fingerprinting team can come take digital fingerprints right at your child care facility. Prevent delays and make it simple for you and other staff members. Learn more about scheduling fingerprinting.

3. Wait for your results

Once you’ve entered all information into BCIS and submitted your fingerprints, we’ll need some time to review your information. 

You should get results within 14 business days. If it’s been longer than 14 days, contact us.

Note that OEC can’t share your background check results with you.

What if there’s a problem with my results?

  • If your fingerprints are rejected: Sometimes, the State Police or the FBI reject fingerprints — usually because they’re not clear. You’ll need to get them take again. Follow the instructions in the notice we sent.
  • If the background check shows a problem: If the FBI or State Police tell us you have a history of disqualifying crimes or a record of child abuse or neglect, we’ll let you know. We’ll also ask you to give us more information about what happened. Then, we’ll review all of your information and make a final decision about whether you’re eligible to work as a child care provider. Learn more about disqualifying crimes.

What’s next?

Once you’ve successfully completed a background check, you can print out a BCIS ID card. Only you can print out your own card (a program administrator can’t do it for you). 

Your background check is a “portable credential.” That means you can take it with you if you get a new job with a different child care employer.

Last updated June 10, 2024