Family Bridge

Have a new baby? Family Bridge can help

The first weeks after birth can be challenging for new families — and new moms especially.

Family Bridge is a free service for families with new babies in Connecticut to ease their transition from hospital to home.

Get help from experts — right in your home

Family Bridge offers at-home visits from Registered Nurses and certified Community Health Workers.

Visits from a specially trained nurse

Families are offered up to 3 visits from a Registered Nurse (RN) who’s an expert in helping new moms. Your nurse can:

  • Give your new baby a check-up
  • Give new moms a wellness exam — for both physical and emotional health
  • Provide education about bathing, feeding, sleeping, safety, and more

Family Bridge adheres to the evidence-based Family Connects model of Universal Nurse Home Visiting.

Visits from community health workers

Family Bridge Community Health Workers (CHW) live and work in the community. They’re experts on local services and resources that help families with a new baby. They can work with your nurse to:

  • Help you get access to diapers and supplies 
  • Connect you with parenting resources 
  • Make recommendations for high-quality child care

Whatever you need, our community health workers can help you find it.

Family Bridge offers services in the Greater Bridgeport Area

Your family is eligible if:

  • You gave birth at Bridgeport Hospital or St. Vincent’s Hospital and
  • You live in any of the 8 towns or cities we serve
Family Bridge serves:

• Bridgeport
• Easton
• Fairfield
• Milford
• Monroe
• Shelton
• Stratford
• Trumbull

Connect to Family Bridge

For new parents in Greater Bridgeport area, contact the Family Bridge Program Support Specialist at Bridgeport Hospital

Ask your pediatrician or postpartum nurse at the hospital

Are you a professional looking for more information about the program?

See our about page.

Last updated April 4, 2024