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Care 4 Kids New Approvable Education and Training Programs Effective August 1, 2021

Have you been waiting to get your GED or high school equivalency, go back to school for undergraduate studies, or train for a job because of child care costs?  The time has never been better to pursue your goals! For a limited amount of time, Connecticut families can get financial assistance through Care 4 Kids to help pay for child care costs while attending school or work training.  Click here for more information.

Income Eligibility has Increased for New Applicants Effective July 1, 2021

The State of Connecticut received child care relief funding through the American Rescue Plan Act. These funds have allowed Care 4 Kids to temporarily expand child care assistance to families with income up to 60% of the state median income (SMI). Click here to see the income limits for your family size. This increase in income eligibility will only remain in effect while funding received through the American Rescue Plan Act is available, so apply today!

The Care 4 Kids program makes child care affordable for low- to moderate-income families in Connecticut. With Care 4 Kids, parents get financial help for the child care they choose.

To apply or get more detailed information about the program, visit the Care 4 Kids website.

Who’s eligible for Care 4 Kids assistance?

Eligibility is based on family income. To be eligible, you need to:

  • Live in Connecticut
  • Be working or attending a temporary family cash assistance (Jobs First) approved education or training activity
  • Meet the program’s income requirements

To see if your family might qualify for Care 4 Kids, use this eligibility screening tool.

Looking for child care?

We can help! Call 2-1-1. Or visit 2-1-1 childcare.

Who can be a Care 4 Kids child care provider?

Child care centers, licensed family child care, and unlicensed relatives can all be Care 4 Kids providers as long as they meet basic requirements. The requirements are different for each type of provider:

If you’re a parent or guardian making a decision about child care, check out these tips on how to choose the right child care provider for your family.

Have you already applied to receive Care 4 Kids? Check the status of Care 4 Kids applications.

How is the Care 4 Kids program funded?

Care 4 Kids is funded by the Federal Child Care Development Fund Plan (CCDF). CCDF is the primary federal funding source for helping low-income families pay for child care.

Last updated August 10, 2021