Children’s Books Celebrating Racial Inclusion

The stories we choose to share with our children have a big impact. Stories help shape their view of the world — and the kind of people they’ll grow up to be.

At the Office of Early Childhood (OEC), we believe that reading with your child can be a great way to celebrate people from all backgrounds, races, and cultures. We handpicked the following books for families with children up to age 8 because they celebrate differences, promote empathy, and foster children’s self-esteem. Each one will open a doorway for your child — a chance to meet new people, see new places, and learn more about themselves.

Below you’ll find our newly updated list of recommendations. Looking for our previous list? You can find it here.

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Our Class Is a Family

Written by Shannon Olsen / Illustrated by Sandie Sonke

A book that encourages children to feel connected to their classrooms — a home away from home where they’re safe, included, and loved.

Watch a video of Our Class Is a Family being read aloud.

Say Something!

By Peter H. Reynolds

An empowering story about finding your voice and using it to make the world a better place.

Watch a video of the author reading Say Something! aloud.

Remarkably You

Written by Pat Zietlow Miller / Illustrated by Patrice Barton

A charming picture book about the beauty of being yourself.

Watch a video of Remarkably You being read aloud.

The Proudest Blue

Written by Ibtihaj Muhammad with S. K. Ali / Illustrated by Hatem Aly

Faziah is excited — it’s the first day of school and her older sister’s first day of hijab. But not everyone sees the blue hijab as beautiful, and Faizah finds the strength to confront some hurtful, confusing words.

Watch a video of The Proudest Blue being read aloud.

Watch Me

Written by Doyin Richards / Illustrated by Joe Cepeda

The author tells the story of how his own father came to America from Africa. A moving and empowering story of how many different people, from different places, make us great.

Watch a video of Watch Me being read aloud.

The Day You Begin

Written by Jacqueline Woodson / Illustrated by Rafael López

A heartfelt book about finding courage to connect —even when you feel scared and alone.

Watch a video of The Day You Begin being read aloud.

Our Skin

Written by Megan Madison and Jessica Ralli / Illustrated by Isabel Roxas

This charming book is designed to spark interaction — and to help you and your child talk about race and justice.

Watch a video of Our Skin being read aloud. Note: This video begins with a few comments for adults, but you can skip to 1:19 to hear the story.

Black Is a Rainbow Color

Written by Angela Joy / Illustrated by Ekua Holmes

A child reflects on the meaning of being Black in this moving and powerful story about a people, a culture, a history, and a legacy that lives on.

Watch a video of Black Is a Rainbow Color being read aloud.

The Big Umbrella

Written by Amy June Bates with Juniper Bates / Illustrated Amy June Bates

A sweet story about inclusion and tolerance — cowritten by the author and her daughter while walking to school in the rain.

Watch a video of The Big Umbrella being read aloud.

We Are Water Protectors

Written by Carole Lindstrom / Illustrated by Michaela Goade

In a book inspired by many Indigenous-led movements across North America, a young girl takes a stand to protect her community’s water supply. Recommended for older readers.

Watch a video of We Are Water Protectors being read aloud.

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Last updated November 17, 2021