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Parents Connecting Parents is a new pilot program designed to connect families — parent to parent — in 6 communities across the state. We want families to know they have access to state and local programs that can benefit their family.

We’re grateful for the support of Connecticut legislators in making this program a reality. Their commitment is making a profound difference in lives of children and families across the state.

How it works

OEC is working with local early childhood collaboratives to connect with families who are currently under-utilizing opportunities and supports available to them.

Each of these collaboratives recruits parent ambassadors, who are the heart of this project. Our parent ambassadors are parents themselves who meet families where they are — in parks, laundromats, bodegas, and other community hubs.

They’re forming relationships with families and learning about their experiences. And they’re also educating families about OEC’s programs and resources.

While the pilot program is only in 6 communities right now, we hope to expand it into other regions in the future.

Community partners

– Bridgeport Prospers: Cradle to Career

– Bridge to Success Community Partnership

– Early Learning Parent Cabinet

– New Britain School Readiness

– New Haven Early Childhood Council

– New London School Readiness Council

Project goals

  • Increase enrollment in OEC programs that support families
  • Increase the percentage of children who attend preschool before enrolling in kindergarten
  • Promote the importance of early childhood education for children
  • Learn about the needs of families in communities and the best ways to connect with them

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Last updated June 28, 2024