Rethink Stress

Stress happens. How you deal with it can make all the difference.

Everyone has stressful times–stress is our body’s natural response to pressure. Stress can be uncomfortable: you might feel overwhelmed, anxious, frustrated, or restless.

It might help you to know stress is our body’s way of letting us know something has to change. And scientists have learned that just by thinking about stress as a helpful way to alert us when things are not right, we can feel better and think better.

The next time you are feeling stressed, try these steps:

  • Identify the problem: What is causing the stress?
  • Say your thoughts out loud: What negative thoughts are you having about the situation?
  • Challenge those thoughts: Are the negative thoughts accurate or helpful? Is there a more positive or realistic way to think about the situation?
  • Rethink the stress: How can you think about the situation in a more neutral or helpful way?

If the stress feels like too much or continues too long, it may be time to find support. Talk it through with your healthcare provider.

Pass it on

Learning to manage stress is one of the most important jobs your child has. To build this skill, focus on teachable moments, where you can help them stretch their abilities.

Learn other skills to support your wellbeing.

Last updated April 10, 2024