Solve Problems

When your problems get too big, try breaking them down.

Positive problem solving is an important skill in every aspect of life. Whether you are working through something with another person or on your own, just noticing the problem is a great first step to moving forward. But what can you do next?

You have what you need to solve problems — try these steps:

  • Take a moment to acknowledge that sometimes things are hard.
  • Define the problem and break it down into smaller pieces.
  • Be specific and try not to blame.
  • Brainstorm solutions. Writing them down is really helpful!
  • Review all solutions and pick one to try.
  • Try it out and then consider how you think each solution worked.

Sometimes our problems are more than we can handle on our own. Reach out to your healthcare provider or call 988 for support.

Pass it on

Showing a positive example of what it looks like to work through life’s problems can teach your child this important skill for life. Check out this resource for supporting problem solving in children.

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Last updated April 10, 2024