Background Checks for Rhode Island

Do you need to get a background check from the Office of Early Childhood (OEC)? If you do and you lived outside of Connecticut within the last 5 years, you also need to request a background check from the state you lived in. It’s a key step in completing your OEC background check. You can’t work in a program unsupervised until your background check status is either “work supervised” or “current.”.

Request a background check from Rhode Island

1. Complete the forms

There are 2 forms you need to fill out:

Once you download the forms, you can either:

  • Complete them in Microsoft Word and print them out
  • Print them out and fill them in manually (by hand)

Don’t sign the BCI Waiver form yet — see the next step below.

2. Bring the BCI Waiver to a notary public

Notary publics are people appointed by the state to act as official witnesses. Search online to find a notary public near you. They’re often available at banks, libraries, post offices, or shipping centers.

When you go to the notary, you need to bring:

  • The BCI Waiver form
  • Legal identification

The notary public will look at your ID and ask a few questions. When they tell you to, sign the BCI Waiver form. The notary will then stamp or seal the form, making it official.

3. Prepare your documents

Get an envelope for all of the paperwork you need to send in. You must include:

  • Notarized BCI Waiver form
  • Completed DCYF Clearance form
  • Check or money order for $5.00 made payable to “BCI”
  • Copy of 1 of these forms of photo identification (ID):
    • Valid state-issued driver’s license (copy front and back)
    • Valid state-issued identification card (copy front and back)
    • Valid United States passport

4. Mail the envelope

Send it to:

ATTN: Legal Division (Background Checks)
Connecticut Office of Early Childhood
450 Columbus Blvd., Suite 303
Hartford, CT  06103

What’s next?

Rhode Island will send the results of your background check directly to OEC.

In the meantime, make sure to complete the other steps in the background check process.

Last updated April 21, 2023