Get background check results

Last updated October 29, 2019

How long does a background check take?

Once OEC receives your fingerprints, documents, and the required processing payment, we record them in our databases.  The fingerprint cards go to the state police at the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) for matching against state and national criminal registries. Information is sent to the Department of Children and Families(DCF) to match with the Connecticut child abuse or neglect registry.  It takes about a month for all of the registry matching to be completed and for OEC to receive all results.

OEC and DESPP have collaborated to reduce those delays, and on average we now receive CT and national background check results  two weeks from the time fingerprints are accepted.

Can staff provide care while waiting for their background check results?

Current State law (CGS section 19a-80(c)) requires that prospective employees of licensed child care centers and group child care homes have no unsupervised contact with children until the OEC confirms that they have completed a comprehensive background check and they are eligible to work in child care.  However, this requirement has not yet been fully implemented as the OEC recognizes that child care programs are not yet able to verify that a background check has been completed.

The OEC has been contacting all licensed child care centers and those that receive Care 4 Kids subsidy to provide access to a staff roster application (electronic “app”).  This will be the first step in the process to give child care providers the status of their employees’ background checks. More information about OEC’s new Background Check Information System (BCIS) and the enforcement of background check requirements will be shared with child care providers prior to September 30, 2019.

Interstate background check results

People who provide child care in Connecticut and lived in another state during the past five years will have registries checked in Connecticut as well as the other state(s) where they used to live.

People who lived in Connecticut within the past five years and now provide child care in another state will need to check the Connecticut DCF, sex offender and criminal registries for their new background check.

  • For child protective services registry requests:  Use form DCF-3031 (Child Protective Services Background Check for Employment)   Department of Children & Families Background Checks Unit
  • For criminal registry requests: Use form DSP-0846-C  State Police Bureau of Identification

You may search the CT Dept. of Emergency Services & Public Protection sex offender registry directly using the person’s name.