Background Check Information System (BCIS)

BCIS is the new system that manages all OEC background checks — and it’s designed to support both child care facility managers and current and prospective staff.

BCIS allows child care child care facility administrators — such as a program directors or human resources managers — to:

  • Know the background check status for each person in their program
  • Make sure their entire roster has a current background check

BCIS also helps individual staff members in child care programs — and others who are required to get background checks — to:

  • Submit the required information and forms for a background check
  • Schedule an appointment for fingerprinting

How do I use BCIS?

If you have already created an account, you can log in here with the same email and password you used to access the previous version of BCIS.

You can also consult our how-to guides for step by step instructions

How do I enroll in BCIS?

If you don’t have an account, you need to get an email invitation from OEC or your employer to create one.

If you are a newly licensed child care facility and have not received an invitation to create your BCIS account, please contact us at

Need help?

If you’re having any trouble with BCIS, we have lots of resources to assist you.

Want step-by-step instructions for using BCIS? Take a look at our guidance for getting a background check and for using BCIS as an administrator.

Need answers to common questions? Check out our FAQ.

Having trouble logging into BCIS or other technical issues? Submit a help ticket.

Not sure what your status in BCIS means? Check out our glossary of status descriptions

Have general questions about BCIS? Email us at

Last updated December 7, 2021