Submit Background Check Forms by Mail

OEC encourages every child care provider who needs a background check to use online forms and digital fingerprinting. These improved processes save you time and money, and ensure that OEC receives your materials securely.

You can submit online forms and mail us a paper fingerprint card, or you can mail us paper forms and submit digital fingerprints. But – Sending both digitally is better for you and for OEC!

If you prefer to submit paperwork by mail, you can find the forms and information you need below.

1. Download, print, and fill out 2 forms

To complete a background check, you need to complete 2 forms: the DCF authorization form and the FBI Privacy Rights Act Statement.

DCF Authorization Form (English)

FBI Privacy Rights Act Statement (English)

2. Register in CCHRS

As of July 26, 2021, you’ll need to register in the CT Criminal History Request System (CCHRS) as part of the background check process. It’s the new system launched by the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP), the state agency that processes criminal history records checks in CT.

Here’s what you need to do.

  • Enter your email address and demographic information — keep in mind that you’ll need an email address to register
  • Enter your Service Code (see more below)
     What’s my service code? CCHRS will ask for a service code during your registration. Choose the code that applies to you. If you are not sure which code to use, please check with your employer:
F322-6F2D      OEC Child Care Center
9096-9C91      OEC Family Child Care
32B8-19FD      OEC Family Child Care Adult Household Member
9160-27E6      OEC Group Child Care
C760-56C9      OEC Unlicensed Care 4 Kids Child Care Provider (Nonrelative)**

** Please note: if you are applying for a position, or currently work, in a child care facility that is operated by a public school district, a city or town, or another organization that is exempt from child care licensing and receives Care 4 Kids funds, then this is the correct service code: C760-56C9. If you are not sure, please check with your employer to be sure you enter the correct service code.

IMPORTANT: When you submit your information in CCHRS, you will receive a confirmation email with an Applicant Tracking Number and barcode. To submit paper fingerprint cards to OEC by mail, you must include a printout of that confirmation email including the Applicant Tracking Number and barcode.

3. Get a fingerprint card mailed to you

Fill out the request form. We’ll send you the cards that match your type of child care setting: Center, Family, or Care 4 Kids center-based program. 

There are 2 other ways to get a fingerprint card:

  • Send us an email or call us at 860-500-4466, option 2
  • Ask your employer (if you work at a child care center)

4. Complete your fingerprint card

Once you get your card in the mail, fill out everything on the front, then make a fingerprinting appointment at your local police department or state police barracks. Keep in mind:

  • You need to bring your current or government-issued photo ID with you
  • Most offices require an appointment and may only be open at certain days and times
  • You can use the site to find locations and contact information for Connecticut State Police Troops and Districts
  • Most agencies charge a fee to take your prints, which is separate from the background check processing fee — make sure to bring payment with you
  • If you have questions, call the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) Fingerprinting Division at 860-685-8270

5. Send in your completed packet

Remember, you must include the:     

  • Completed and signed fingerprint card — do not bend or fold!
  • Completed and signed DCF Authorization form
  • Signed FBI Privacy Rights Act Statement form
  • CCHRS Applicant Tracking Number with barcode

If your application is incomplete, we have to send it back. 

Seal the envelope, affix correct postage, and mail it all to:

CT – OEC, Legal Division
450 Columbus Blvd., Suite 303
Hartford, CT 06103

Last updated October 11, 2021