BCIS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can OEC send us copies of background checks? 

No, the OEC cannot provide copies of background check documents. The OEC Background Check Information System (BCIS) status is the way to confirm that all background check documents were submitted and cleared. When a person has a status of “Current” in BCIS, that confirms their background check has been cleared and is up to date.  

I think the status showing in BCIS is not correct, what should I do? 

Send an email to OEC.BC@CT.GOV with the subject line “Status Inquiry” and include the name and date of birth of the person whose status appears incorrect. Also, include the name of the child care facility and license number, and an email address and phone number where we can reach you. OEC staff will research your question and get back to you. 

When will the status in BCIS update after background check documents are submitted?

This depends on a variety of factors. Generally, the status will update one day after new information is entered in BCIS. But, the status can change at different times depending on what information is received and how it was submitted. For example, sending in paper fingerprint cards by mail significantly delays the time to receive the fingerprints and the criminal background check results. The OEC typically receives results for fingerprints submitted digitally within 1-14 days. Paper fingerprint cards submitted by mail extend the processing time to several weeks.

What method of submitting fingerprints does the OEC recommend?

The OEC strongly encourages anyone who needs to complete an OEC background check to schedule a fingerprinting appointment through 2-1-1 Child Care. This option can be selected when completing background check forms in BCIS and the appointment is scheduled directly in BCIS by the individual who will be fingerprinted. There is no cost, almost no fingerprint rejections, and the results are returned much faster than paper fingerprint cards. 

What should we do if there is no upcoming appointment available in our area for fingerprinting through 2-1-1 Child Care?

There are fingerprinting appointments scheduled throughout the state so check other locations to see if you can find a date and time that works for you. Another option is to contact 2-1-1 Child Care at fingerprinting@ctunitedway.org about hosting a session in your area. If it is not possible to do so soon enough, then local police departments and state police barracks also provide fingerprinting services. Check with your local police department or other police departments in nearby cities and towns and be sure to ask if they can submit digital fingerprints directly to the state police through the CT Criminal History Response System (CCHRS). Most police departments do charge an additional fee for fingerprinting that is not covered by the OEC. 

I got an error message in BCIS, what should I do?

Submit a helpdesk support request and include the text of the error message and an email address and phone number where we can reach you. OEC staff will research your issue and get back to you. 

Will my roster from the old version of BCIS be updated in the new version?

Yes, all of the information from the BCIS Roster website has been migrated to the new BCIS. Remember, it will be necessary to invite each person who needs to complete a background check for your Child Care facility to create their own account in BCIS.

How do I complete background checks when I apply for an OEC license?

When your application is received by OEC staff and entered into the E-License system, you will then receive an email invitation to register for an account in BCIS. Then you’ll need to invite all of your prospective staff members to create their own BCIS account so they will be able to complete their background check documents. Prospective staff members who already have a BCIS account can be added directly to your program roster. 

How do I add staff to my roster?

Click the “Roster” tab from the left menu. Then click “Add Staff.”  Then search for the person you want to add to your roster by entering their 1) full name 2) DOB 3) Last 4 digits of SSN/ITIN or Zip Code. 

How can I get technical support?

If you’re having trouble logging into BCIS or have other BCIS technical questions, submit a help ticket.

 For more information see the User Guide for child care facilities.  

Last updated December 8, 2021