BCIS Status Descriptions

Learn what specific statuses mean in BCIS.

Awaiting fingerprintsOEC has received the DCF and FBI forms and is now waiting for fingerprints to complete this application. If your digital fingerprints were sent very recently, they may be in the queue for data entry. If you mailed OEC a paper fingerprint card, there will be a delay of several weeks for data entry. Please check back accordingly.
CurrentOEC has verified a current background check for this person in our system. The date
shown is the maximum due date for this person’s next required check. Please be sure they start the process 45-60 days prior to the date shown to maintain their eligibility for child care employment.
In progressOEC has received all required items, which are being processed. Please check back regularly
as these statuses are updated nightly.
Need DCFFingerprints have been received but an updated, completed, and signed DCF Authorization
Form and FBI Privacy Rights form must be submitted to OEC. This form can be completed directly in BCIS. The form is also available on the OEC website.
Needs background checkOEC does not have a record for this person within the last 5 years in our background check system. Therefore, they are currently due for a background check. If you believe this may be incorrect, please email the OEC Legal Department at OEC.BC@ct.gov
PendingOEC is awaiting additional registry check results to complete this application, which may
include out-of-state record checks, or is reviewing additional documentation. OEC may contact you and/or this individual if additional information or documentation is needed.
Work supervisedOEC has received criminal background check results for this person but at least one other component of their background check is still in progress. Other components include child protective services checks, sex offender registry checks, and out of state checks if this individual has lived in another state in the past five years. In this status, newly hired staff may begin working with children in a child care facility but must remain supervised by another staff member who has a “current” background check status in BCIS. When a staff member’s status updates to “current” then they are permitted to work in a child care facility without supervision.
Last updated December 8, 2021