Section Owners Responsibilities

User maintenance

Staff accessing WordPress

Existing users

  • Review and remove any outdated users for enhanced security

Content maintenance


Meet monthly with Division Directors to ask them about new content planned for their pages/sections and consider:

  • Are there any other places on the website that should include this content?
  • Does there need to be a news announcement for this content?
  • Does there need to be a calendar event for this content?
  • Does this content need to be posted on social media?

Bi-weekly review

Scan the website content in your section for:

  • Consistent content
    • Is there important information missing that users will need to understand what has been published?
    • Does this content need to be cross posted in News, the calendar, or on social media?
  • Style guide issues
    • Is the content in plain language?
    • Are PDFs and links labeled correctly?
Last updated January 6, 2020