Benefits of the Program

The School Readiness Preschool Grant Program offers benefits at the individual, family, and community levels.

Benefits for children

School readiness programs:

  • Promote health and safety and provide open access to quality programs that prepare children for formal schooling
  • Prevent or minimize developmental delays in children prior to their reaching the age of 5
  • Integrate children with disabilities into programs available to children who aren’t disabled

Benefits for families

School readiness programs:

  • Improve local options so that parents can choose among affordable, high-quality programs
  • Encourage parental involvement in a child’s development and education
  • Enhance family abilities to meet the special needs of children, including children with disabilities

Benefits for communities

Communities benefit from CT’s School Readiness Preschool initiative because it:

  • Prevents duplication of services by encouraging coordination and cooperation among programs and child care providers
  • Provides flexibility in implementation so that communities can tailor programs based on their specific service needs and unique resources 
  • Supplements federally funding for school readiness programs
Last updated May 19, 2020