Care 4 Kids Transmittals

Last updated May 19, 2020

Care 4 Kids Operations Transmittals

  1. Health and Safety Inspections for All Programs
  2. Procedure for Providing Information on Developmental Screening
  3. Background Checks for Camps Receiving Care 4 Kids
  4. Emergency Preparedness Plans for Care 4 Kids Providers

Care 4 Kids Policy Transmittals

Table of Contents

I. Definition and History

A. Introduction
B. Definition (July 29, 2002)
C. History of Eligibility Procedures (February 21, 2002)

II. Eligibility

A. Eligibility Requirements for Childcare Providers – Section 17b-749-12
a. Unlicensed Provider Background Checks
b. Provider Orientation
c. Other Individuals Living with a Provider
d. Changes in Treatment-DCF Cases
e. Lists of Statutory Crimes-05-21-2007
f. Lists of Statutory Crimes-01-30-2009
g. Lists of Statutory Crimes-05-22-2013
h. Lists of Statutory Crimes-11-08-2013
i. Pre-Paid Cellular Telephones-01-17-2006
j. Telephone Requirements-01-20-2006
k. CDA and NAFCC Bonus 
l. Unlicensed Home Based Provider’s Eligibility
m. Health and Safety Requirements for Providers (revised Sept 2019)
n. Health and Safety Requirements for Providers (revision 2 Feb 2020) 
o. Associates Degree

B. Changes in Eligibility – Section 17b-749-19
a. Summer Care-08-30-2002
b. 2003 Summer Vacation and Fall Certificates-03-27-2003
c. Discontinuing Active Cases-05-12-2009
d. Jobs First Employment Services Changes-07-01-2009
e. Immunization for Homeless Families
f. 90 Day Grace Period for Families Experiencing Homelessness

C. Continued Eligibility – Section 17b-749-18
a. First Redetermination Date-08-30-2002
b. Extended Program Eligibility-08-30-2002
c. Extended Payment Eligibility-05-25-2005
d. Parent Provider Agreement Forms-02-28-2008
e. Public Act 10-61-Eligibility Period Change-03-21-2011
f. Public Act 15-227 Eligibility Period Changed to 12 Months
g. Graduated Phase Out 2016
h. Graduated Phase Out (Revised, 2018)
i. 12 Month Eligibility
j. Continued Eligibility for 13 year old children
k. Graduated Phase Out 2019

D. Financial Eligibility – Section 17b-749-05
a. State Median Income Standards 08-30-2002
b. Individual Development Accounts 11-14-2002
c. State Median Income Standards 05-21-2003
d. State Median Income Standards 2003-2004-Revised
e. State Median Income Standards 2004-2005-Revised
f. State Median Income Standards 2005-2006-Revised
g. State Median Income Standards 2006-2007-Revised
h. State Median Income Standards 2007-2008-Revised
i. State Median Income Standards 2008-2009-Revised
j. State Median Income Standards 2009-2010
k. State Median Income Standards 2010-2011
l. State Median Income Standards 2011-2012
m. State Median Income Standards 2012-2013
n. State Median Income Standards 2013-2014
o. State Median Income Standards 2015-2016
p. Program Income Eligibility Threshold
q. 85% SMI
r. State Median Income Standards 2016-2017
s. State Median Income Standards 2018-2019
t. Confirming Family Assets
u. FY 2019-2020 State Median Income Standards

E. Non-Financial Eligibility – Section 17b-749-04
a. Court Ordered Child Care Contributions 03-21-2003
b. Child Support 05-01-2003
c. Tax ID for Providers

III. Household Composition – Section 17b-749-03

A. Child Support Requirements and Other DSS Programs 08-30-2002
B. Family Composition in Two-Parent Households 10-16-2002
C. Foster Children who are Parents 10-17-2002
D. DCF Subsidized Guardians 02-01-2005
E. Removal of Requirement Regarding Securing Child Support 03-27-2006
F. Family Composition in Two-Parent Households 10-20-2011

IV. Payment Calculator – Section 17b-749-13

A. Travel Time 12-30-2002
B. One-Time Service Bonus 07-30-2014
C. Special Needs
D. Mandatory Registration Fee Revised
E. FCC UI Rate Increase
F. Center, Group Home, and Licensed-Exempt Providers Rate Increase
G. Retro Reimbursement Payments 2018-2019

V. Prioritization For Childcare Funding – Section 17b-749-08

A. Priority Groups 08-13-2002
B. Priority Group Funding 08-19-2002
C. Priority Group Funding 08-20-2002
D. Additional Funding for Priority Group 4 Applicants 08-29-2002
E. Income Eligibility Changes for PG 1D and PG 2 Applicants 03-11-2003
F. Public Act 03-02-Income Eligibility Changes for Families Qualifying for PG 1 D and PG 2 03-21-2003
G. Priority Group Coding 02-19-2004
H. Priority Group 4-Limited Opening 02-23-2004
I. Priority Group-Limited Opening-ADDENDUM 04-8-2004
J. Public Act 04-258-Eligibility Change 06-24-2004
K. Priority Group 4-Limited Opening-Seventh Mailing 09-27-2004
L. Priority Group 4 Program Opening 03-17-2005
M. Priority Group Funding 05-11-2009
N. Priority Groups 4 and 6-Program Opening 10-30-2009
O. Priority 6 Closure to New Applicants 10-25-2010 3
P. Public Act 10-61-Eligibility Period Change 03-21-2011
Q. Priority Group 6 Closure to Existing Clients as of August 1, 2013 06-28-2013
R. Program Income Eligibility Threshold Change for PG4 and PG4 Closure
S. Priority Group 2 and Priority Group 3 Closure for New Applications

VI. Rights and Responsibilities – Section 17b-749-02

A. Subpoenas 04-08-2003
B. Home Visits 04-17-2014

VII. Verification – Section 17b-749-06

A. Work Schedule Verification 08-2005
B. Case Processing Modifications 10-22-2007

VIII. Wait List – Section 17b-749-10

A. Priority Group 4-Limited Opening 02-23-2004
B. Priority Group 4 Limited Opening-Second Mailing 03-24-2004
C. Priority Group 4 Limited Opening-Third Mailing 04-14-2004
D. Priority Group 4 Limited Opening-Fourth Mailing 05-04-2004
E. Priority Group 4 Limited Opening-Fifth Mailing 06-02-2004
F. Wait List-PG2 Mailing 06-25-2004
G. Wait List-PG2 mailing-Addendum 07-14-2004
H. Expedited Applications Processing for Wait List Families 11-24-2004
I. Priority Group Limited Opening-January 2005 01-14-2005
J. Wait List

IX. Declared State of Emergency Modifications

A. COVID-19 Temporary Program Changes