COVID-19 Webinars

OEC and our partners have held a number of webinars for providers during COVID-19. Watch previous webinars and review our presentations below.

You can also see announcements for recent and upcoming webinars on our news page.

May 5 and 6, 2021Women’s Business Develop Council Info Session: New OEC Stabilization Funding
Join WBDC and OEC for an information session about OEC’s new Child Care Program Stabilization Funding. This session will answer your questions about the program, eligibility, and how to best use the funds for your program.

WBDC will hold 2 sessions — one on May 5 and the other on May 6. Both will be offered in English with live Spanish translation.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2021: 12 to 1pm
Thursday, May 6, 2021: 6 to 7pm
April 29, 2021OEC Webinar: Child Care Program Stabilization Funding
The OEC hosted a webinar on Thursday, April 29, to share information on stabilization funding for child care programs from Federal Relief Funds. These funds will support COVID-19 related expenses and continued operations of licensed child care programs (DCCC, DCGH, DCFH) and licensed-exempt programs serving Care 4 Kids families (DCEX). The webinar addresses eligibility, application, payment and technical assistance.
Watch the Child Care Program Stabilization Fund Webinar (English)
Download the OEC Child Care Program Stabilization Fund Presentation
April 8, 2021OEC Webinar: DPH Reinforces the Continued Need for Health and Safety Practices
The Office of Early Childhood hosted a webinar Thursday, April 8 with officials from the Department of Public Health to discuss the need to continue following COVID-19 health and safety guidelines in child care settings. DPH provided lessons learned from real-life anonymous examples of COVID-19 cases among child care programs.
Watch a video of the webinar (Spanish)
Download our factsheet Keep Up Health and Safety Precautions (English)
February 28, 2021OEC Webinar: Warm Attitudes about Cold Play
This webinar feels like a chat among good friends with 8 providers sharing their cold weather outdoor practices in family child care homes and child care centers. Hear how they actively plan for outdoor learning. Leave with immediate ideas for healthy, safe experiences in fresh air – something we all need year round, not just in a pandemic.
Watch the OEC webinar about cold play
February 24, 2021OEC Webinar: Vaccines for Child Care Providers
The Office of Early Childhood hosted a webinar with the Office of the Governor, Department of Public Health, and Department of Education on availability of vaccines for child care workers, starting March 1, 2021.
Watch the OEC vaccine webinar
February 4, 2021OEC Webinar: Risk Reduction in Child Care Programs — The Science and Art of Healthy Buildings
The Office of Early Childhood hosted a webinar with Dr. Joe Allen from the Harvard School of Public Health to provide information about air quality, healthy buildings, and types of masks.
Watch the OEC healthy buildings webinar
Watch the OEC healthy buildings webinar in Spanish
January 21, 2021OEC and DPH Webinar: COVID-19 Vaccine
The Office of Early Childhood hosted a webinar with the Department of Public Health about the COVID-19 vaccine and the enrollment process for child care and youth camp staff.
Watch the child care and COVID-19 vaccine webinar
Download the child care and COVID-19 vaccine presentation
November 6, 2020OEC Webinar: Updates from Commissioner Bye
OEC Commissioner Bye provides a status of child care in Connecticut in the midst of COVID-19.
Watch the OEC update webinar
Download the status of child care in COVID-19 webinar presentation
September 18, 2020OEC Webinar: Update Supporting Programs in Transitioning to Mask Wearing for Young Children
OEC Commissioner Bye discusses new mask requirements for children age 3 and older.
Watch the webinar about new mask rules
June 24, 2020OEC Webinar: A Day in the Life of Child Care as We Know It Now
4 early care and education providers shared stories about what child care looks like today — and how to implement OEC’s guidance for child care during COVID-19.
Watch a video of the Day in the Life of Child Care Webinar (English)
June 19 and 22, 2020OEC announces the launch of CTCARES for Child Care Businesses
OEC Commissioner Bye announced details of our CTCARES for Child Care Businesses package during a series of 2 webinars. Participants discussed the OEC business survey data and how we are using it to support child care businesses.
Watch the CTCARES for Child Care Businesses webinar video (June 19)
Watch the CTCARES for Child Care Businesses webinar video (June 22)
Check out the CTCARES for Child Care Businesses presentation (English)
June 15, 2020OEC Webinar: COVID-19 School Readiness and Child Day Care Funding Plan
OEC Commissioner Beth Bye announced a summer funding plan for state-funded School Readiness and Child Day Care Programs to support programs currently opened and those that are reopening.
Watch the COVID-19 Summer SR and CDC Funding webinar
Download the OEC Summer SR and CDC Funding presentation 
May 29, 2020OEC Tele-Town Hall
OEC Commissioner Beth Bye provided updates about the agency’s efforts to support child care in Connecticut during COVID-19.
Watch the OEC Tele-Town Hall in English
Download the Early Child Care COVID-19 presentation
May 26, 2020Panel Discussion About the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Child Care
Panelists included Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz, U.S. Representative Rosa L. DeLauro, OEC Commissioner Beth Bye, Hope for New Haven Executive Director Georgia Goldburn, and Alliance for Community Empowerment Inc. Executive Director Dr. Monette Ferguson.
Watch the panel discussion
Download the COVID-19 Challenges presentation
May 21, 2020CT Nurses’ Association: Healthy Childcare Practices — The Health Check
Learn from a virtual chat with their Family Child Care Health Consultants. They discussed the health check and shared strategies.
Watch the Health Check webinar video
Download the Health Check presentation 
May 7, 2020CT Nurses’ Association: Health and Safety in Family Child Care —Managing Germs, Staying Healthy
Learn about managing germs in your family child care setting — including strategies for minimizing them, cleaning and disinfecting, and daily health checks.
Watch the Managing Germs webinar video
Download the Managing Germs presentation
April 24, 2020COVID-19 and Youth Camps
Watch the COVID-19 and Youth Camps webinar video
April 17, 2020OEC’s Response to COVID-19
Watch the COVID-19 response webinar video
March 24, 2020OEC Tele-Town Hall: Home Visiting and COVID-19
Watch the home visiting webinar video
March 19, 2020OEC Tele-Town Hall: COVID-19
Watch the COVID-19 webinar video
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