Forms and Resources for Child Care Centers and Group Child Care Homes (draft)

Commonly used forms

Notification of change
Change of address
Licensing application packet

Becoming a provider

Initial license application packetPacket of forms for people seeking a license. The packet contains:
Coordinating Check List
* Initial Application Fee Form
* Initial Application for Licensure
* Foster Care or Adoption Verification Form
* Adult Medical Statement for Child Care
* CT Early Childhood Health Assessment Record (for * children ages birth to 5)
* Health Assessment Record (for school age children)
* References
* Lead Water Test
Adult Medical Statement

Child enrollment

Child Enrollment Packet (English)
Child Enrollment Form (English) (Spanish)
Early Childhood Health Assessment Record (birth to age five)
Health Assessment Record (school age)

Inspections and compliance

Inspection Form (Sample)An example of the form OEC will fill out when inspecting your program
Corrective Action Plan (CAP) and Resolving Disputed ViolationsIf OEC finds a violation during an inspection, use this form to document how you plan to fix it
Guide to the Child Care and Youth Camp Investigation ProcessOverview of how the complaint and investigation process works

Last updated November 1, 2023