Statutes and Regulations for Family Child Care Homes

Statutory definition

A “family child care home” which consists of a private family home caring for not more than six children, including the provider’s own children not in school full time, where the children are cared for not less than three or more than twelve hours during a twenty-four-hour period and where care is given on a regular recurring basis except that care may be provided in excess of twelve hours but not more than seventy-two consecutive hours to accommodate a need for extended care or intermittent short-term overnight care. During the regular school year, a maximum of three additional children who are in school full time, including the provider’s own children, shall be permitted, except that if the provider has more than three children who are in school full time, all of the provider’s children shall be permitted.

All family child care homes statues and regulations


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Last updated August 2, 2023