Child Care Centers and Group Child Care Homes: Notification of Change Regulations

Refer to these highlights from the regulations when completing a Notification of Change.

Please refer to the regulations for complete requirements.

Administration Section

19a-79-3a(c) – The operator shall notify the department, the parent(s) and staff of any changes in programs or services.

  • (1) Notification of personnel changes shall be made within five (5) business days after the change.
    • (A) If the change is for a head teacher, a plan for interim head teacher coverage shall be submitted to the department.
    • (B) A qualified head teacher or a plan approved by the commissioner shall be in place within thirty (30) days of change of a qualified head teacher.
  • (2) Notification of changes related to the licensed capacity, fees, services or voluntary closing shall be made at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of the proposed change. A change of location, change of operator or a change of ownership requires a new initial application.

19a-79-3a(d) – The operator shall implement and annually review specific written policies, plans and procedures required by any applicable statute or regulation. The operator shall notify the parent(s), staff and the department within five (5) days of changes in these policies, plans and procedures.

19a-79-3a(j) – The operator shall provide to the department copies of all service contracts or current agreements with consultants, practitioners and agencies used on a regular or consultative basis in the delivery of services within ten (10) days after execution of said contract or agreement. Any changes in said contracts or agreements shall be reported to the department within ten (10) days.

Physical Plant Section

19a-79-7a(b) – Plans for new construction, expansion, renovation or conversion, indicating the proposed use and accompanied by a written narrative shall be submitted to the department prior to the start of construction.

Last updated December 14, 2023