Renew Your License

We will notify you when it’s time to renew your license with instructions on how to renew.

Renewal fees

Provider typeFee
Family Child Care Homes$40
Group Child Care Homes$250
Child Care Centers$500
Non-profit Youth Camps$315
For-profit Youth Camps$815

For family child care homes, group child care homes, and child care centers:

  • Renew every four years
  • The renewal is due prior to the expiration of your license
  • Complete the renewal online by following the instructions in the renewal notice

Youth camps only

  • Renew every year
  • The renewal is due 30 days before camp opens
  • Complete the renewal by following the steps below

Step 1: Complete the youth camp renewal form
Download and fill out the renewal form.

Step 2: Youth camp director/alternate director application. Complete the Youth Camp Director/Alternate Director application, if Director/Alternate Director is not previously approved.

Step 3: Pay the fee and send us your renewal form
Make a check or money order payable to “Treasurer State of Connecticut” to submit with your form. Send your complete renewal form and payment to:

Office of Early Childhood
Division of Licensing
450 Columbus Blvd.
Suite 302
Hartford, CT 06103

For additional documents and sample policies, please visit our Forms and Documents pages:

Last updated December 6, 2022