Website Team Roles

OEC’s website team plays a vital role in our editorial process for creating and revising web content. It’s composed of 2 groups: Content Captains and WordPress Wizards.

Both groups meet regularly to discuss content maintenance and are responsible for ensuring that changes being made to the website meet our processes and standards.

Join the website team!

Want to become a Content Captain or WordPress Wizard — or both — so you can take an active role in shaping our website? Reach out to your supervisor.

Content Captains

Content Captains are responsible for creating new content or editing existing content on the website according to the OEC Style Guide. They support an overarching content strategy that helps our site visitors achieve their goals and allows OEC to communicate effectively.


WordPress Wizards

WordPress Wizards are responsible for maintaining the website and helping Content Captains add new content or edit existing content. This is a technical role, focused on learning WordPress and helping other OEC staff learn about the website.


Last updated March 21, 2022