OEC Statement on Racial Equity

OEC believes that advancing equity is a priority for the health and development of all young children and those who love them. We will assertively remove barriers and build upon the strengths of historically disenfranchised people and communities to ensure fair access to OEC resources. While doing so, we will intentionally work to dismantle any systemic racism that may be embedded within policies and practices affecting all aspects of early childhood.

Our approach to dismantling these inequities requires partnerships with historically disenfranchised communities: listening to families, providers, and community stakeholders to identify what works, what doesn’t, and what is needed. We will elevate these community voices and apply what we learn to improve current policies, practices, programs and resources.

We are driven to ensure parents and providers have the tools they need to raise inclusive, empathetic children who are knowledgeable about issues of race. Long lasting benefits can be achieved across generations when these tools and supports are provided as early as possible, even prenatally.

Awareness, accountability, and responsibility are at the heart of OEC’s commitment to advance equity and take a firm anti-racism stance within all aspects of our early childhood partnerships, policies, and programs. As such, OEC has diverse committees within the organization that engage in both internal and external work to achieve these goals. This focused effort will ensure OEC can achieve its vision, that ALL young children in Connecticut are safe, healthy, learning, and thriving community members.

Last updated October 28, 2022