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Upcoming webinar

The Air We All Breathe: The Essence of Mental Health and How We All Have a Connection to It

In this webinar, we want to bring attention to the importance of mental health, as it relates to everyone — regardless of race, ethnicity, identity, socio-economic status, religion, ability, or educational background.

We also want to focus on the importance of self-care, and how the children we raise, or help raise, depend on us to be healthy and to model healthy behaviors. We want to destigmatize mental health and illness by continuing the conversation in support of overall health and wellness.

 This session will include:

  • Opening Keynote Speaker Representative Kai Belton
  • Engaging Panel Discussion
  • Closing Message from Commissioner Jodi Hill-Lilly from the CT Department of Children and Families

Spanish interpretation will be available.

Past webinars

Do You Hear Me? Do You See Me? Do You Care? Giving Voice to Black Women’s Health and Maternal Health Care (April 23, 2024)

Watch a video of the OEC’s most recent webinar on YouTube.

This webinar focused on the importance of equitable health care for women — and especially on improving access for Black and Brown women. They face greater health challenges and worse outcomes during childbirth. We wanted to highlight this issue during April, which is Minority Health Month. The session included:

  • Opening Keynote Speaker: Ayesha Clarke, Executive Director of Health Equity Solutions
  • Engaging panel discussion
  • Closing Message Speaker: SciHonor Devotion from Earth’s Natural Touch: Birth Care and Beyond
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Women in Business: A Reflection of the Past and a Look Ahead (March 19, 2024)

Watch a video of the Women in Business webinar on YouTube

This webinar hosted by OEC focused on how legislation has helped shape the women’s entrepreneurial movement. Women, and particularly women of color, are the backbone of the childcare industry and are key drivers of economic growth. In this webinar, childcare providers shared their journey as entrepreneurs and small business owners, including the lessons they learned and the resources they used along the way. Regardless of your path, this webinar will get you thinking about the ways you can be a force in your community — and remind you that you’re not alone.

The session included:

  • Opening message Fran Pastore, Founder & CEO, Women’s Business Development Council
  • Engaging panel discussion to discuss their journey as entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • Closing message from Louise Lisboa, Women’s Business Development Council
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Join the Women’s Business Development Council, our legislative hosts, and CT-based entrepreneurs for our 10th year connecting in our state’s capital to celebrate the real impact women-owned businesses have had on Connecticut’s economy, our communities, and our families.
Third Annual Women’s Business Summit: Join us on March 26th to empower and inspire women entrepreneurs from all walks of life! Speakers Fran Pastore and Louise Lisboa will be presenting.

Nurturing the Nurturer: A Guide to Parental Self-Care (February 27, 2024)

Watch a video of Nurturing the Nurturer on YouTube

This webinar hosted by OEC focused on personal development for parents and caregivers. The session included:

  • Opening remarks from Jo Modeste and Iola Adekale from Align & Elevate Co.
  • Engaging panel discussions from parents and caregivers from OEC Parent Cabinet and 2Gen Parent Engagement Workgroup
  • Closing remarks from Abdul-Rahmaan I. Muhammad from My People Clinical Services
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Professional Learning: YES! It’s for You (January 23, 2024)

Watch the video on YouTube

This webinar hosted by OEC focused on how professional learning experiences can benefit your personal well-being and growth — and help you become the early childhood professional you wish to be, no matter what role you play. This session included:

  • Opening remarks from Deborah Adams PhD, Education Consultant, OEC
  • Engaging panel discussion to share strategies for finding professional learning opportunities
  • Closing remarks from Janet Humphyres, MA, Dynamic Coaching Systems
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A Place to Call Home: Addressing Housing Instability — Supporting Young Children and Families in Connecticut (October 31, 2023)

This webinar hosted by OEC focused on the impact housing instability has at both a national and state level. Participants were connected to resources and supports that help families experiencing housing instability.

The session included:

  • Opening remarks from Barbara Duffield, Executive Director at SchoolHouse Connection
  • Panel discussion
  • Special message from Elena Trueworthy, Deputy Commissioner of OEC
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Birth to Three

Taking a Different Path: Supporting Positive Approaches to Addressing Challenging Behaviors in Early Childhood Programs (September 21, 2023).

OEC’s Behavioral Health Initiative hosted a webinar about reducing the use of suspension and expulsion in early childhood programs in Connecticut. The webinar addressed:

  • OEC’s new policy statement on exclusionary discipline
  • Disparities in populations most impacted
  • Resources to help programs adopt a positive approach to supporting social and emotional development
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