File a Complaint

If you’re having a problem with a child care provider, early childhood education program, or camp, you can file a formal complaint. But before you do, try to talk to the provider or staff directly. You may be able to find a solution with a simple conversation.

Learn how to make a complaint

Below you’ll find contact information for filing complaints with different programs or departments. Some programs have their own complaint forms, which you can send in directly.

Child care programs or youth camps

Birth to Three programs 

Care 4 Kids programs 

Department of Children and Families (DCF)

  • Call the DCF Office of the Ombudsman at 866-637-4737

Programs funded by the Connecticut State Department of Education

  • Call 860-713-6543 and say you need to file a complaint

Report abuse or neglect

If you think a child is being abused or neglected, call the Department of Children and Families at 800-842-2288.

If the abuse or neglect is happening at a child care program or camp, please also call OEC’s Licensing Division at 860-500-4450 (or 800-282-6063 toll-free).

Report discrimination or bias

Have you, your child, or your family been treated differently or unfairly because of your race, ethnicity, gender, or ability? 

Speak with the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities
The Commission helps people who have complaints about discrimination or bias related to their jobs, housing, or state services. Keep in mind that there are deadlines for filing complaints.

Call the Commission at 860-541-3400 

Visit their website to learn more about the complaint process

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Last updated April 15, 2021