Early Childhood Cabinet Membership

The Early Childhood Cabinet cabinet brings together members from state government, higher education, child care, nonprofit and community organizations, and Connecticut families. 

NameTitleStatutory Designation
Beth ByeCommissioner
Office of Early Childhood
Cabinet Co-Chair
Commissioner of Early Childhood, or Designee
Susan BysiewiczLieutenant Governor
State of Connecticut
Cabinet Co-Chair
Lieutenant Governor, or Designee
Holly Williams Section Director
Office of Policy and Management 
Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management, or Designee 
Andrea Barton ReevesCommissioner 
Department of Social Services 
Commissioner of Social Services, or Designee 
Shelly Nolan Director of Women’s Services 
Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services 
Commissioner of Mental Health and Addiction Services, or Designee 
Vannessa Dorantes Commissioner 
Department of Children and Families 
Commissioner of Children and Families, or Designee 
Dr. Shante HanksSenior Advisor 
Department of Housing 
Commissioner of Housing, or Designee 
Jordan Scheff Commissioner
Department of Developmental Services 
Commissioner of Developmental Services, or Designee 
Charlene Russell-Tucker Commissioner 
State Department of Education 
Commissioner of Education, or Designee 
Marc CamardoSupervisor, Maternal and Child Health Unit,
Department of Public Health 
Commissioner of Public Health, or Designee 
Lesley MaraAVP of Systemwide Initiatives and Sponsored Programs,
Connecticut State Colleges and Universities
President of the Board of Regents, or Designee
Karen PascaleDirector, Connecticut Head Start State Collaboration OfficeDirector of the Connecticut Head Start State Collaboration Office
Steven Hernandez Executive Director
Commission on Women, Children & Seniors, and Equal Opportunity 
Executive Director of the Commission on Women, Children & Seniors, or Designee 
Julie GiacconeCCDF Administrator 
Office of Early Childhood 
Administrator of the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 1990, appointed by the Governor
Brian Klimkiewicz619 Part B Coordinator
State Department of Education
Responsible for administering grants received under Section 1419 of Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, appointed by the Governor
Louis TallaritaState Coordinator
Bureau of Health, Nutrition, Family Services and Adult Education
State Department of Education
Responsible for coordination of education services to children and youth who are homeless, appointed by the Governor
Marlene PadernachtTitle I Coordinator
State Department of Education
Responsible for administering the provisions of Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Act, appointed by the Governor 
VACANT Representative from the Head Start Association, appointed by the Governor 
Eva BermudezCSEA/SEIU Local 2001Representative of the Connecticut State Employees Association, appointed by the Governor 
VACANTRepresentative from the business community, appointed by the Governor 
Eliot BrennerKlingenstein PhilanthropiesRepresentative from the philanthropic community, appointed by the Governor 
Caroline AustinParent
Hartford, CT
Parent of a child attended a school in an education reform district, appointed by the Speaker of the House
Kimberly OliverDirector of the Department of Families, Children, Youth, and Recreation, City of Hartford Member of a Board of Education for a town designated as an Alliance District, appointed by the Speaker of the House
Cathy BattistaDirector,
Meriden Family Resource Center
Representative from Family Resource Centers, appointed by the majority leader of the House
VACANTParent of a child attending or attended a School Readiness program, appointed by the minority leader of the House
Patricia Bryant-BeausolielDirector,
Putnam Family Resource Center and Early Childhood Coordinator
Representative from a public elementary school with a prekindergarten program, appointed by the Senate President
Karen RainvilleCT Association for the Education of Young ChildrenRepresentative of an association of early education and child care providers, appointed by the Senate President
Edie ReichardDirector, Sleeping Giant Day CareRepresentative of a state-funded child care center, appointed by the majority leader of the Senate
VACANTA representative of a local provider of early childhood education, appointed by the minority leader of the Senate
Kiobenit GrullonFamily Child Care ProviderA licensed family child care home provider and a member of a staffed family child care network identified by the Commissioner of Early Childhood, appointed by the Governor
Ruth-Ann BucknorParenta Parent Cabinet member, appointed by the Governor

Last updated May 2, 2023