Archive of Agency and Program Reports

This page contains an archive of OEC’s past reports and research. For more recent reports, see our Agency and Program Reports page.

Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) Quality Progress Reports 

2015Quality Progress Report 2015
2014Quality Progress Report 2014
2013Quality Progress Report 2013
2012Quality Progress Report 2012

Children’s Trust Fund annual reports

The Children’s Trust Fund was established in 1983 to prevent child abuse and neglect, and merged into OEC in 2014. These reports outline the Children’s Trust Fund’s major activities and programs, including strategies to prevent child abuse and neglect.

2015Children’s Trust Fund Annual Report 2015
2014Children’s Trust Fund Annual Report 2014 (Revised 12/30/14)
2013Children’s Trust Fund  Annual Report 2013

Home Visiting Consortium

The Home Visiting Consortium advises OEC, the Department of Children and Families, the Department of Developmental Services, and the Department of Education on improving the coordination of home visiting services in Connecticut’s early childhood system.

2018Report not published
2017Home Visiting Consortium Report to the Legislature 2017
2016Home Visiting Consortium Report to the Legislature 2016

Nurturing Families Network (NFN) annual reports

NFN was a home visiting program model that OEC used until 2019. NFN reports include data about enrollment, family characteristics, and program participation and retention.

2019State Funded Home Visiting Annual Report FY19-20
2018Nurturing Families Network Annual Report 2018
2017Nurturing Families Network Annual Report 2017
2016Nurturing Families Network Annual Report 2016
Nurturing Families Network 2016 Program Report Card
2014Nurturing Families Network Annual Report 2014
2013Nurturing Families Network Annual Report 2013

Qualified Staff Member (QSM) reports

OEC tracks the number of Qualified Staff Members (QSMs) per child care program and how programs are progressing toward meeting our goals.

2018QSM Report 2018
2017QSM Report 2017
2016QSM Report 2016

Status of Child Care in CT Reports

The Status of Child Care in Connecticut annual report to the Legislature includes data on child care spending, use, quality, and more. Reports prior to 2016 were produced by the Connecticut Department of Social Services. For reports from 2016 on, see our Agency and Program Reports page.

2013Status of Child Care in CT 2012-2013
2012Status of Child Care in CT 2011-2012
2009Status of Child Care in CT 2008–2009 (English/Spanish)
2006Status of Child Care in CT 2005–2006 (English/Spanish)
2005Status of Child Care in CT 2004–2005 (English/Spanish)
2004Status of Child Care in CT 2003–2004 (English/Spanish)
2003Status of Child Care in CT 2002–2003 (English/Spanish)

Past Research

Many researchers have used OEC data to study child care in Connecticut and evaluate our programs. Learn more about OEC-related research into specific topics. 

Child abuse prevention 

Child development

Home visiting programs 

Home visiting programs and the prevention of child abuse

Home visiting programs as a means to increase father Involvement 

Home visiting programs and mental health

Last updated March 16, 2022