Membership Levels

Elevate offers members 3 levels of engagement: Member, Member+, and Member Accredited. 

Licensed and license-exempt child care providers start out as Members. You can decide whether you want to aim for Member+ or Member Accredited status. If you do, you’ll unlock new benefits and can showcase your progress and commitment to families and peers. 

Member: Offering Trusted, Licensed Care

If you’re a licensed child care provider or a license-exempt program, you’re already a member of Elevate. By meeting licensing requirements set by the Office of Early Childhood (OEC), you’re providing healthy and safe care for the families you serve. 


  • Access to support from OEC and our partners
  • Access Service Navigators to connect to OEC resources 

Member+: Setting goals 

This is the next step on your journey with Elevate. You’re making a commitment to continue improving the care you offer. 


  • Create an Elevate Program Plan and commit to 1 to 3 goals

Additional benefits

  • Customized support from Service Navigators to help you meet your goals
  • Access to continuous improvement supports 
  • Opportunity to highlight your Member+ status in your marketing materials

Get started on your Elevate Program Plan to become a Member+.

Member Accredited: Meeting the highest national standards for child care

Becoming accredited is the final level of engagement in Elevate. You’ve gone above and beyond to meet nationally recognized quality standards. It’s an achievement you and your staff can be proud of. 


  • Achieve and maintain accreditation by one of these organizations:
  • Engage in a continuous improvement plan
  • Meet the requirements of the accrediting organization

Additional benefits

  • Mark of quality you can promote in marketing to families
  • Financial incentives through Care 4 Kids

Learn more about getting accredited.

Get help from a Service Navigator

Our Service Navigators are experienced guides who can talk about your program’s needs and help you find ways to meet them. Connect with a Service Navigator.

Last updated March 14, 2024