First Aid, CPR and Medication Administration Training

Last updated July 2, 2021

Individuals are being reminded to be very careful in the selection of required first aid, CPR and medication administration courses to ensure that they meet child care licensing and/or CCDF (Care 4 Kids) requirements.  Before registering for any training, carefully review the online list for the specific child care license you hold or are applying for.  The listings are available on the OEC Licensing Web page under Forms and Documents.  For individuals who are licensed emergency medical technicians, that license will serve in lieu of additional first aid training; however, CPR and administration of medication training is still required.  When choosing an instructor for medication administration make sure that the instructor is a licensed physician, physician assistant, advanced practice registered nurse or registered nurse.  A first aid instructor is not an acceptable trainer for medication administration.  Medication administration training for the oral, topical and inhalant route is valid for three (3) years, while the training for the pre-measured commercially prepared injectable medication is valid for only one (1) year.  In order for Care 4 Kids providers to be eligible to take the five (5) hour online health and safety orientation training, the candidate must be in compliance with the completion of these approved courses.