Free Video Series on Supporting Dramatic Play

Last updated August 17, 2020
The Connecticut Office of Early Childhood is pleased to present a series of videos supporting dramatic play in preschool and toddler settings. The videos are available for free online.
In The Importance of Pretend Play, an early childhood expert stresses the influence dramatic play has on children’s learning and development across different domains.
Four additional videos, listed below, demonstrate how teachers use their understanding of early childhood development to provide learning opportunities for children across multiple domains through various dramatic play centers. These videos feature preschool and toddler teachers across Connecticut.
  • The Bakery – Supporting Children to Succeed in the Dramatic Play Center
  • The Train Station – A Child-Created, Teacher-Facilitated Dramatic Play Center
  • The Garden Center – A Child-Created, Teacher Modeled Dramatic Play Center
  • We Can Clean, Too! – Supporting Pretend Play in the Toddler Room
Please note that closed captioning is available in English and Spanish. While watching the videos, click on “settings” for the option to turn on subtitles in English or Spanish.
These videos were developed by the Center for Early Childhood Education at Eastern Connecticut State University, and support the implementation of the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards.