Join a Public Hearing about Proposed Child Care Center and Group Child Care Home Regulations

Last updated October 17, 2022

The Office of Early Childhood will hold 2 public hearings regarding the proposed child care center and group child care home regulations. The hearings will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams on:

Any interested party providing oral comments at the hearing will be asked to submit a written copy of such comments. Speakers will have 3 minutes per person to present their comments. We ask that remarks are confined solely and specifically to the content of the proposed regulations. Oral comments and written comments are given the same weight. Those who are unable to attend are still encouraged to provide written comments. A summary of the proposed changes is also available. Written comments are due by the closing of the public comment period on December 5, 2022 and may be sent to Kristen Dudanowicz at

Our mission is to ensure that our stakeholders have an opportunity to be heard and provide their thoughts as to how we can all improve the child care field.  We look forward to your input.


Please contact Kristen Dudanowicz at