New Federal Background Check Requirements – due 9/30/19

Last updated August 6, 2020

There are important new federal requirements for background checks that affect most child care providers. This is the first in a series of updates to help providers meet these requirements.

What is New?

  1. Background checks are more comprehensive, meaning that additional registries are checked to learn criminal, sex offender and child abuse or neglect histories.
  2. License-exempt providers who receive Care 4 Kids funding must now get background checks through the OEC (except youth camps and unlicensed Care 4 Kids providers related to all children in care).
  3. All child care providers, staff members, volunteers, and household members must get a comprehensive background check every 5 years.

Child care providers must meet these requirements by September 30, 2019. We know that these expanded comprehensive background check requirements may be a lot of work for you. OEC is working to make this as easy as possible.