Quality Improvement System

Last updated January 14, 2020

The Office of Early Childhood is developing a Quality Improvement System to increase the availability of professional development opportunities and quality support for early childhood programs and providers. 

Moving from the current patchwork structure of supports and creating a single, integrated system is a complex and long-term process.  It will improve quality without increasing costs by weaving together existing resources and working to build efficiencies.  Once operational (expected by Fall 2016):

  • More families will have peace of mind knowing that their children are cared for by well-trained staff in high-quality settings
  • More early care and education providers will have access to free and low-cost trainings, coaching and consultation to improve the quality while meeting Child Care Development Fund (CCDF), licensure, and Accreditation requirements
  • More types of settings will be able to access support including home-based, school-based, and center-based early care and education settings, including those that are privately funded
  • There will be more alignment and efficiency thereby reducing administrative costs so that more programs receive quality support from the state
  • More of Connecticut’s youngest children will be cared for in high-quality settings that are able to meet their unique and developing needs

Letter from the Commissioner

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Quality Improvement System Plans