Explore Elevate Focus Areas

Elevate offers resources for child care providers and across 6 focus areas. Each one represents a key element of a successful program. 

How to use these focus areas

There’s no sequence you need to follow. You may want to explore all of the resources and tools in a single focus area. Or, you could dip into different areas and choose a combination. It’s up to you.

Get help from a Service Navigator

One of our Service Navigators can talk to you about your goals and help you choose a focus area to start with. Connect with a Service Navigator.

Focus areas

Build your team

No matter the size of your program, recruiting staff and building skills are key to its success. Get resources for building your team.

Connect with families

Families are at the heart of your work as a child care provider. Find ways to communicate and resources you can share. Get resources for connecting with families.

Enhance your environment

Explore ways to make sure your facility is safe, offer healthy meals, enrich the environment, and more. Get resources for enhancing your environment.

Find resources for children and families

Sometimes families and children need support beyond what your program offers — like help with developmental delays or mental health issues. Get resources that can help children and families.

Manage your business

Child care programs are businesses — and we want to help yours succeed. Get resources to manage your business.

Support child development

Elevate offers resources that will deepen your understanding of how children learn and grow. You’ll also learn practical approaches you can apply right now in your classroom. Get resources to help you support child development.

Last updated August 9, 2023