Accreditation Quality Improvement Support (AQIS)

OEC created AQIS as a quality improvement support for licensed child care centers, group homes, and license-exempt child care programs. It offers providers access to a team of staff with expertise in continuous program improvement using the NAEYC assessment items as the framework for growth.

AQIS supports are open to all child care providers interested in quality improvement, whether or not the program is actively pursuing or maintaining NAEYC Accreditation. Best practices are good for everyone!

AQIS supports for providers

General supports

Some AQIS supports are available to all providers.

  • Study groups to explore NAEYC’s best practice standards
  • Professional development activities that connect to best practices

See up-to-date schedules for free AQIS professional development:

OEC covers NAEYC Accreditation fees

The OEC has again partnered with NAEYC to offer a process for OEC to pay NAEYC Accreditation fees due through June 30, 2026 for Connecticut early care and education programs.

Follow the easy steps in these instructions; there are no forms to complete.

NAEYC will automatically initiate a reimbursement for payments made during the covered time; programs do not need to send any forms.

Individualized supports

If your program is working toward NAEYC accreditation (or maintaining it), you can apply at specific times for individualized quality improvement support. Accepted programs are matched to a designated technical assistance provider, also called an AQIS facilitator. Your program can get:

  • A monthly visit to work on your program’s NAEYC Accreditation timeline and action plan
  • A monthly group support meeting to make sure your program has NAEYC updates and content best practices
  • Phone and email access to your AQIS facilitator for NAEYC Accreditation support
  • Priority for program staff in free professional development

Applications for AQIS are not currently being accepted. Check back at the end of the summer 2024 for the next round of applications!

Learn more about the NAEYC Accreditation process. You can check out this FAQ or watch a recording of a recent webinar.

Find AQIS facilitators in your area

To find contact information for the AQIS facilitators in your area, use our interactive map or the dropdown.

Get support from NAEYC

Please visit the NAEYC website for full details and information. Here are some common questions from our AQIS overviews and related links.

Have questions about AQIS?

We’re here to help. Contact us.

Last updated June 13, 2024