General Policies

Please refer to the the document State Funded Reporting Requirements and Protocol for information for protocols for submitting reports.

Key for table below:

  • SR = School Readiness
  • CDC = Child Day Care
  • SS = Smart Start
  • SHS = State Head Start
General PolicySRCDCSSSHS
A-01Legislative Requirements for Staff Qualifications in State-Funded Programs — Describes the required staff education qualifications for all state-funded child care programs.XXXX
A- 02Approval Systems — [Deleted and combined with B-05.]XXXX
A-03Early Childhood Professional Development Registry  — Describes the required Registry qualifications for staff of state-funded child care programs.XXXX
A-04Commitments to CHEFA Financed Tax-Exempt Loans — Describes which programs are eligible for the tax exempt loan program and how to apply.XXXX
A-05Requirements for conducting research involving OEC funded programs — Describes the work of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the policies for researchers working with OEC programs.XXXX
B-01Fee Schedule — Outlines program fees by family size and income level.XXX
B-02Fee Guidance — Describes and defines terms used in the Fee Schedule (above) and provides contact information for relevant OEC departments and programs.XXX
B-03Eligibility — Describes what it means for a child or family to be eligible for a certain program.XXX
B-04Definition of space types, categories of care — Describes the types of care each program provides.XXX
B-05Meeting Quality Assurance Requirements — Describes the expectations and necessities for each funded program.XXX
B-06Spaces for Children with IEP — Describes the policy for children with disabilities and their participation in OEC programs.XX
C-01School Readiness Council Membership, Responsibilities and the Role of the Liaison — An overview of the School Readiness Council’s roles and responsibilities.X
C-02School Readiness Grantee Budget Guidance — Describes the guidelines the School Readiness Council must follow regarding how they use their funds. X
C-03School Readiness Start-up Costs — Briefly describes how the School Readiness Grant is used by new programs.X
C-05Nonsectarian Policy for School Readiness Programs — Describes the policy that School Readiness programs must be open to all children and defines “nonsectarian.”X
C-06School Readiness Non-Residency Option — Describes the options for School Readiness programs who would like to fill remaining spaces by enrolling children from outside their immediate community.X
C-07School Readiness Space Reimbursement Rates — Describes the reimbursement rate for unfilled spaces in School Readiness programs.X
D-01Child Day Care Reporting Requirements and Data Submission — Describes the responsibilities of Child Day Care program program contractors for reporting to OEC monthly and annually.X
D-02Child Day Care Contract and Subcontractor Responsibilities — Describes general CDC contractor tasks.X
D-03Nutrition Policy and Programs — Describes requirements for CDC programs around the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) and gives instructions for requesting for a waiver. X
D-04Reallocation of Unutilized Child Day Care Spaces — Describes how a CDC program’s empty spaces could be used by other programs if left empty for more than three months.X
Last updated November 3, 2021