General Policies

Please refer to the the document State Funded Reporting Requirements and Protocol for information for protocols for submitting reports.

Key for table below:

  • SR = School Readiness
  • CDC = Child Day Care Contracts
  • SS = Smart Start
  • SHS = State Head Start Supplement
General PolicySRCDCSSSHS
A-01Legislative Requirements for Staff Qualifications in State-Funded Programs — Describes the required staff education qualifications for all state-funded child care programs.XXXX
A- 02Approval Systems — [Deleted and combined with B-05.]XXXX
A-03Early Childhood Professional Development Registry  — Describes the required Registry qualifications for staff of state-funded child care programs.XXXX
A-04Commitments to CHEFA Financed Tax-Exempt Loans — Describes which programs are eligible for the tax exempt loan program and how to apply.XXXX
A-05Requirements for conducting research involving OEC funded programs — Describes the work of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the policies for researchers working with OEC programs.
Updated 1/20/2023
B-01Fee Schedule — Outlines family fees by family size and income level.XXX
B-02Fee Guidance — Describes and defines terms used in the Fee Schedule (above) and provides contact information for relevant OEC departments and programs.

For more information and resources related to using the new Fee Schedule, visit the OEC Family Fee Information webpage.
B-03Eligibility — Describes what it means for a child or family to be eligible for a certain program.XXX
B-04Definition of space types, categories of care — Describes the types of care each program provides.XXX
B-05Meeting Quality Assurance Requirements — Describes the expectations and necessities for each funded program.XXX
B-06Spaces for Children with IEP — Describes the policy for children with disabilities and their participation in OEC programs.XX
C-01School Readiness Council Membership, Responsibilities and the Role of the Liaison — An overview of the School Readiness Council’s roles and responsibilities.X
C-02School Readiness Grantee Budget Guidance — Describes the guidelines the School Readiness Council must follow regarding how they use their funds. X
C-03School Readiness Start-up Costs — Briefly describes how the School Readiness Grant is used by new programs.X
C-05Nonsectarian Policy for School Readiness Programs — Describes the policy that School Readiness programs must be open to all children and defines “nonsectarian.”X
C-06School Readiness Non-Residency Option — Describes the options for School Readiness programs who would like to fill remaining spaces by enrolling children from outside their immediate community.X
C-07School Readiness Space Reimbursement Rates — Describes the reimbursement rate for unfilled spaces in School Readiness programs.X
D-01Child Day Care Reporting Requirements and Data Submission — Describes the responsibilities of Child Day Care program program contractors for reporting to OEC monthly and annually.X
D-02Child Day Care Contract and Subcontractor Responsibilities — Describes general CDC contractor tasks.X
D-03Nutrition Policy and Programs — Describes requirements for CDC programs around the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) and gives instructions for requesting for a waiver. X
D-04Reallocation of Unutilized Child Day Care Spaces — Describes how a CDC program’s empty spaces could be used by other programs if left empty for more than three months.X
Last updated February 23, 2023