Support Child Development

As an early care educator, supporting young children’s learning and development is the core of your daily work.

Find resources to plan your curriculum, partner with families, and more.

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Get help from a Service Navigator

Our Service Navigators are experienced guides who can talk about your program’s needs and find ways to meet them. Connect with a Service Navigator.

Use the Curriculum Planning Checklist

Reflect on the resources your program has for planning for children’s learning and connecting with families. Then use what you learned to set goals and develop a Program Plan.
Center-based Curriculum Planning Checklist
Family Child Care Curriculum Planning Checklist

Get tips to help children transition between activities

Transitions can be challenging for many children. The Pyramid Model offers practical guidance and illustrated visual cards that will help. 

Explore key resources

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Check out some more resources to help you support child development.

Last updated July 26, 2023