Air Quality and Ventilation

Better ventilation and filtration can help improve air quality in buildings — and better air quality can help decrease the spread of viruses (like flu and COVID-19). It can also help people with allergies and asthma.

Improve air quality in your program

The air inside your building can be improved by:

  • Increasing the amount of outdoor air you bring into the space
  • Improving the filtration of recirculated air 

If you have a central HVAC system:

  • Adjust the settings to bring a higher percentage of outdoor air into the system
  • Upgrade the filters to the highest efficiency possible without having detrimental effects on overall HVAC performance

If you don’t have a central HVAC system:

  • Open windows or turn on exhaust fans to bring in more outdoor air
  • Consider using a stand-alone HEPA filtration unit (properly sized for the room) to help remove pollen, dust, or other similar contaminants from room air when adequate ventilation cannot be achieved via other means

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Last updated October 3, 2023