Quality Improvement System (QIS)

Introducing OEC’s new quality improvement system

Welcome to QIS! Our new system unifies OEC’s existing technical assistance and professional development opportunities while also offering exciting new resources.

QIS gives child care providers the tools they need to grow and improve their programs over time. Our resources are:

  • Free
  • Optional
  • Available to all types of providers — family child care and center-based programs

QIS builds off of Connecticut’s licensing requirements and national accreditation standards. We don’t evaluate or rate providers. Instead, we meet you where you are and help you grow your program however you want.

Where would you like your program to be in a year?

I want to have a plan for my staff’s professional development.”
“I want to simplify some of our business practices — so I can focus more on children and families.”
“I want to update and improve our curriculum and assessment practices.”
“I want to start working on my early childhood degree.”
I want to explore accreditation for my program so I can showcase all of our hard work.”

With our resources, we can help you reach your goals.

Get customized support from our Service Navigators

Service Navigators are the core of our system. They’re experienced guides who can talk to you about your program’s needs and find out ways to meet them.

Take advantage of our resources

Improve your business practices

Child care programs are businesses — and we can help yours succeed.

Support children’s learning and development

We have tools to help you improve your curriculum.

Tell families about the importance of high-quality care

QIS is for all child care providers

We built our system for everyone. QIS resources are open to programs that are:

  • Family child care as well as group- and center-based care
  • Programs that are big or small, established or brand new
  • Interested in accreditation — or not
  • Looking for business support or resources related to child development
  • Working to address a current consent order or corrective action plan 

Learn how we developed QIS

OEC developed QIS carefully over many years in collaboration with providers in Connecticut and experts across the field. Find out how we got here.

Get started

Connect with a Service Navigator.

Last updated September 6, 2022