Focus On Inclusion

The Office of Early Childhood (OEC) expects that all children and families have a sense of full belonging and are valued, respected and supported. OEC policies, funding and services address the needs of children and families to ensure the right conditions for every child to achieve their full potential.

This occurs through full participation in everyday activities at home, school and in the community. OEC, providers, communities and schools adopt and promote the culture, practices and relationships necessary to foster inclusion and meaningful access and participation for the benefit of all children. All children, with and without disabilities or differences, their families and their caregivers benefit from inclusive environments.

The resources listed here can provide guidance and strategies for including all children. 

  • The Office of Early Childhood and the CT State Department of Education released a joint statement regarding Children who Attend Child Care and Receive Support Services.  This statement highlights how cross-sector collaboration can promote inclusive practices and ensure that children and families receive the best combination of services possible.
  • The series Supporting All Children Using the CT Early Learning and Development Standards includes documents designed to help providers support young children’s learning and development.  The following documents in this series may be especially helpful when supporting young children in inclusive settings.
    • Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners includes valuable information about ensuring that all young children have access to, are able to fully participate, and benefit from child care settings. 
    • A Guide to the Domains and Strands includes strategies across the age bands for each strand in the CT ELDS. This document also includes specific strategies to support children with disabilities and children who are dual language learners.
Last updated July 20, 2023