Early Childhood Professional Registry

The OEC’s Registry is a free workforce resource for all early childhood settings. Visit the OEC Registry to unlock opportunities! 

Watch our webinar about Wage Supports extra Registry Bonus

Wage Supports for Early Childhood Educators offers payments to staff at eligible child care programs — and an optional Registry Bonus to programs who make sure all relevant staff have confirmed employment in the Registry.

OEC hosted 2 informational webinars for child care programs about the Registry Bonus. Learn how your program can qualify:
Watch a video recording of the webinar
Learn more about the Wage Supports program

Use your Registry account to:

  1. Showcase your verified education and training: use your OEC Registry Education and Training Report for your employer, national accreditation, or job application. Did you know OEC Registry data is used to identify individuals and programs for incentives, too?
  2. Access free online training (including the Care 4 Kids required health and safety trainings) that can be part of a great professional development plan to help you grow (and meet OEC licensing and national accreditation). Available in English and Spanish, with over 270 offerings from beginner to advanced level.
  3. Earn your early childhood degree or required coursework with the help of OEC scholarship, including your CDA credential, director credit work for OEC licensing, and courses to help run family child care homes.
  4. Be recognized as a Head Teacher in OEC licensing with your Head Teacher certificate
  5. Show you meet Qualified Staff Member (QSM) requirements for working in a OEC funded program:
    • Automatically calculated on your OEC Registry membership card
    • Apply for the Early Childhood Teacher Credential (ECTC) via your OEC Registry account if you have a non-early childhood bachelor’s degree and at least 12 early childhood credits in your account
  6. Apply to be an OEC Approved technical assistance provider.
  7. Access free individualized support from Education Advisors to help you plan what to do next.

Last updated March 24, 2023