Program Stabilization Funding: Eligibility

To receive funding, your program must meet 5 requirements.

1. Must be a licensed child care program

  • Licensed family child care home (DCFH)
  • Licensed group child care home (DCGH)
  • Licensed child care center (DCCC)
  • License-exempt center-based program (DCEX) that is eligible to receive Care 4 Kids funding

Note that as long as they meet the other requirements, faith-based tax-exempt programs are eligible. Same goes for any programs that have an open case in any legal and/or enforcement actions.

2. Must be open currently and providing full-day care

Your program must be open now and serving children.

It also needs to be open:

  • Full-day
  • Full-year
  • At least 30 hours per week

3. Must have met licensing deadlines

Your program must have been fully-licensed by:

  • March 11, 2021 (for most programs)
  • April 30, 2023 (if your program receives Care 4 Kids)

4. Must already have a State Supplier ID

This is an identification number that we use to process and distribute funds.

If your program already received funding through OEC programs — such as School Readiness, Child Day Care, CT CARES,  previous rounds of Child Care Stabilization or Wage Supports — you should already have a State Supplier ID.

Not sure if your program has a State Supplier ID?

Call 2-1-1 Child Care at 800-505-1000. Be sure to have your license number or license-exempt number handy to speed up the process.

5. Must meet Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) requirements

The CDC created the SVI as a tool to help identify communities that may need extra support. It’s based on census data. The SVI score for the area where your program is located must be 0.8 or higher

Your program is not eligible if it:

  • Doesn’t have a license
  • Has a pending application for a license — you must have an active license to be eligible
  • Has had its child care license revoked
  • Is closed
Questions about applying?

We’re happy to help. Call 2-1-1 Child Care at 800-505-1000 or send an email.

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Last updated July 13, 2023